Our Vision

The Salvation Army Suicide Prevention Services Mission Statement

The Salvation Army Suicide Prevention Services is a life saving intervention and response ministry dedicated to being present at the point of most critical need for all individuals experiencing varying degrees of crisis, including suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, and for those who have begun the process of taking their life. 

We seek to provide holistic compassionate care that values and recognizes the potential of every life, while continually striving to increase awareness and prevent the loss of human life. Please feel free to call us for more information. Also for those who have experience with our services and would like to submit a testimony please call us at: 905-522-5244

The Salvation Army 
Canada &  Bermuda Social Services 
Mission Statement

Motivated by the love of God and the life and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ we seek to provide people of all ages with compassionate, practical, holistic care at their point of critical need respecting their dignity and worth, with an understanding of their physical, psychological, material, social, and spiritual needs.

In partnership with other members of our social services team, and with other social services agencies, we seek to identify and promote the prevention, resolution and alleviation of social problems for justice and compassion in the treatment of people.