Warning Signs


If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the warning signs listed below please seek help. Every suicide is multi-determined and results in a combination of factors.

Most people considering suicide show signs of their distress, although some may not. Those who exhibit changes such as these may be at risk for harming themselves.

1.  Talking about suicide or a plan for suicide.

2.  Saying things like, ``I`m going to kill myself,  I wish I were dead, I should not have been more,  I won`t be a problem for you much longer, nothing matters, or It`s no use, I just can't take it anymore``. 


3.  Making statements about hopelessness, helplessness, or worthlessness.


4.  Complaining of being a bad person or feeling ``rotten inside``, refusing help or feeling beyond help. Not tolerating praise or rewards. 


5.  Giving away favorite possessions, making a will or avoiding comfort measures.


6.  Being preoccupied with death.


7.  Showing a loss of interest in pleasurable activities or things they once cared about. 


8.  Always feeling bored.


9.  Showing marked personality changes and serious mood changes. 


10.  Withdrawing from friends and family.



Having trouble concentrating or difficulties with school work.


12.  Complaining frequently about physical symptoms often related to emotions, such as stomach aches, headaches or fatigue. Changes in eating and sleeping habits. 


13.  Showing impulsive behaviors, such as violent actions, rebellious behavior or running away.


14.  Becoming suddenly cheerful after a period of depression (this may meant the person has already made the decision to escape their problems through suicide). 

 Risk Factors 



1.  Previous suicide attempt

2.  Access to lethal means

3.  Depression or Mental health issues

4.  History of Abuse

5.  A personal loss (employment, relationship, posessions)

6.  Death of a loved one

7.  Illness 

8.  Personal failure

9.  Bullying or Teasing